2 Decades of Quality Manufacturing

Established in 1997, Sak Abrasives – A division of Sak Industries Private Limited has gained international recognition as a world – class producer of bonded, coated and super abrasive products.  The high quality finish and cost – effectiveness of our products have made us the preferred choice of many leading corporations in India and the USA.  The company’s well-equipped R&D team, staffed with highly experienced engineers, enables the development of grinding wheels catered to customer requirements, along with continuous analysis and performance tests in support of product development.  More than 250,000 square feet is dedicated to production, inventory and customer service in our production facilities in India.  As a leading full line manufacturer of grinding wheels, Sak Abrasives offers precision built products of high quality and performance for virtually every conceivable manufacturing application.  Our unique industry approach combines both sales and engineering expertise to determine the most cost-effective and expedient solution for your grinding needs.

The company began on a modest note with depressed center and cutoff wheels, followed by snagging wheels in collaboration with a Swiss partner company in 1997.  The efficient production processes were complemented by knowledge of formulation and wheel design, and their subsequent adaptation to the Indian market.  The product offerings have grown in the last decade, ranging from vitrified bonded abrasives to coated and super abrasives, making Sak Abrasives a brand to reckon with.  Backed by a philosophy of rapid but sustainable change in response to the evolving needs of our customers, we have developed in to a mid-sized full range abrasive manufacturer.

The company maintains two large manufacturing facilities at Gummidipoondi near Chennai, from which Sak Abrasive products are shipped throughout India. Sak Abrasives has also capitalized on global strategic alliances specifically in Europe and the US by exporting a full range of vitrified grinding wheels. Our products are manufactured under strict quality control and we are certified to the highest industrial standards of ISO 9001 and EN 12413.  This standard, in place throughout Sak Abrasives, not only provides confirmation to our customers that they have chosen the right abrasive manufacturer, but also assures them that the company’s continued dedication to quality will benefit them in the future.

The company has put together its product offerings under the brand name of TOPLINE.  The brand has grown in recognition for quality and performance, safety, timely delivery of products, short lead-time, prompt service, competitive prices and reduced grinding costs.

Vision 2025

“To be a globally respected top ten organization in our industry

Sak Abrasives has a team of professionals who have a passion to think big. The employees work hard to improve the company performance, develop new offerings through research and development and always conduct business with a smile. This has helped the company to become a supplier of choice to many of the leading manufacturers in India.


We will strive to produce world class, safe, high quality abrasive products and become the global supplier of choice by:

  • Achieving customer delight
  • Continual improvement
  • Empowerment of employees