Disc Grinding- Surface Grinding Specials

Disc grinding - segements grinding wheels

Specially designed nut-inserted wheels offering better control and optimum performance on different materials.

Disc Grinding is similar to surface grinding, but with a larger contact area between the disc and the work piece. Disc grinders are available in both vertical and horizontal spindle types. Disc grinders are capable of achieving especially fine tolerances. It is a special surface grinding application used on bearing and piston-ring faces, spring ends, valve plates, etc.

Market solutions:

  • Automotive

  • Bearing: Bearing Rings, cylindrical rollers and needles, spherical rollers

  • General Engineering

  • Foundry and fabrication


  • Improved control over dimensioning

  • Higher productivity through reduced dressing frequency

  • Honeycomb structure enabling better chip clearance, higher depth of cut and cooler cutting

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