Our Value proposition

We at Sak Abrasives believe in order to cultivate strong and successful alliances, since the association is based on partner alignment, commitment and shared capabilities.

Sak Abrasives has great association and strategic alliance with international partners specifically in USA and Europe, the top consumers of vitrified grinding wheels.

All products are audited and certified under the standards set by ISO 9001, TUV Nord and EN 12413 – This uniquely positions us as one of the trust-worthier name in our fraternity.

We ensure your success by conducting ad hoc- auditing, spot checks, shared strategies and help build an approach right upto the product delivery.

Service & Focus

We guarantee our services with state-of-the-art technologies and high-end operational product, supported by highly qualified and richly experienced personnel of the trade.

Our prime focus is to render modern methodologies, which ensures all our clients to achieve the optimum goal without risking them to any loss or tainted experience and build a lasting relationship with our partner clients.