No, you cannot use any machine without a guard since each and every machine is carefully manufactured and fitted with discs of min diameter higher than fifty-five (55mm).

Note: There are two kinds of guard available out of which the first one is used for cutting and the second one is primarily used for grinding.

An expert needs to be consulted to decide what type of guard is suitable for the machine since it can be a life hazard especially if there is a breakage.

In case the machines are equipped with a diameter less than fifty-five (55 mm) then you can run it without a guard.

The one suggestion is to IMMEDIATELY discard it and be assured no one else has an access to use it.

If the damaged wheel is an abrasive wheel – scrap it and destroy it, so no one can use it. In other case if it is a Diamond Wheel/disc or segment wheel, try and bend the segments /rim to make it completely inoperative and DISCARD.

It is not possible , however one should never try doing this , since it is very dangerous and the smaller machine cannot keep up to the rotation speed of the higher machine.

Wheels/discs used on a fixed speed machine should be replaced immediately as you notice the speed reducing to half of its capacity. If you continue to use the machine, it might result in breakage and accidents.

Never use a diamond saw for cutting metals unless it is specifically marked as being suitable for this. Using an unsuitable saw can cause overheating and the risk of segment loss which could result in serious injury.

Read the instruction manual

It is advisable to always look for the expiry date and manufacturing date of the wheel.

You will always notice that the date of expiry is noticeable and is usually mentioned in the wheel with a marker/ permanent ink by the manufacturer. You may even find the expiry date on labels: (Date). For instance: (Date indicates that it is not recommended to use the wheel  post the mentioned date .If still used  beyond this date, the wheel could be damaged and may break, causing severe injuries.

Discard the wheels which have crossed the date of expiry, to make sure no one has access to them and invite risks.

For bonded wheels and discs, it is recommended to lock type 41 cut-off wheels, always with the metal centre surface facing the machine flange. This ensures a flat contact surface and helps avoiding clamping failures and unforeseen accidents and fatal injuries.

Usually the tool gets deformed and repartee. In order to evade such situation, you are advised to store the grinding tool on a dry, moist free and frost free and on even surfaces.

Be careful with the expiry dates of organic grinding wheels and Store them in first in / first out basis. Discard those which have crossed the expiry date.

Sak Abrasive Ltd  does not recommend this. High braking (and speeding up) can cause the wheel to spurt and cause accidents and fatal injuries.

During shipping or moving the machine, the disc can be broken. Visible or invisible, it can result in disc breakage



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