Cylindrical grinding wheel

Cylindrical grinding wheel

Generate perfectly sized parts in a flash

Used in O.D. grinding of gear shafts, splined shafts, transmission shafts, valves, plunger pins, eye bolts, bearing races, etc. In this operation, the external or internal cylindrical surface of a work piece is ground. In external cylindrical grinding, or centre-type grinding, the work piece rotates and reciprocates along its axis although for large and long work parts, the grinding wheel reciprocates.

In internal cylindrical grinding, a small wheel grinds the inside diameter of the part. The work piece is held in a rotating chuck in the headstock and the wheel rotates at very high rotational speed. In this operation, the work piece rotates and the grinding wheel reciprocates. Cylindrical grinding wheel description

(a) External Grinding; (b) Internal Grinding

Market solutions:

  • Automotive: Roughing

  • Bearing industry: construction

  • General engineering: soft steel, hardened steel, chilled cast iron, non ferrous material

    • Tools industry


  • Increased productivity due to higher stock removal and freer cutting

  • Fine surface finish

  • Reduced rework

  • Reduced loading and dressing frequency

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