A tool manufacturer in Netherlands, ordered Topline abrasives from India, used in a 5-Axis Tool Grinding Machine and compared it against a competitors product. The component was Carbide End Mills for resharpening. The abrasive features under both brands were similar. The customer found the surface finish and wheel life for the competitors abrasives to be average. The cost of the competitors products were also high due to the brand being a European brand.

The customer found the surface finish and wheel life of Topline abrasives to be excellent and the cost to be much lower than the competitors. The customer also remarked, “Compared to our current supplier the Topline Wheel performs excellent and had a really good surface finish. We are able to grind Carbide End Mills faster without burn marks and sparks.”

The same manufacturer tried Topline products for the component, Carbide End Mills Resharpening, and came to the conclusion, “Compared to our current supplier, the Topline wheel performs similar and has a good surface finish”. Due to the cost being more affordable, placed more orders. The customer also concluded, that the Topline wheel wears 0.7 mm when resharpening a batch of tools, while the competitors wheel wears 0.15mm while grinding the same batch of tools.