A Ductile Iron Pipe Manufacturer was using our conventional product, 500*5*38 COW wheel with Al- Oxide and buying approximately 1500 to 1600 wheels to cut Ø 800 and 600 Di pipe for only One Line and the investment cost was Rs 23.52 Lac per month (282.24 Lac per year). Topline proposed a trial of a diamond coated wheel so as to reduce the process cost and the wheel changing time, and thereby, improving the life of the product.

FINAL OUTCOME: Total Cost reduction by Rs 9.57 Lac per month by using Topline Diamond wheel against conventional COW and Cost reduction by Rs 0.45 Lac per month if a customer uses our wheel against the competitor’s.

This product upgrade from our conventional abrasives to our super abrasives saved this manufacturer time and money and produced more output.